Other Area Tea Parties

Montgomery Tea Party

Somerset County Tea Party

Open Congress
Track bills in Congress

American Center for Law and Justice
Focuses on Constitutional Law

Judicial Watch
Promotes transparency, accountability and integrity

The Heritage Foundation
Public policy research

Open Secrets
Guide to money and influence in the U.S.

National write your congressman
Gives basic info about bills and votes in congress

Conservatives for Parents Rights

Promotes lower taxes, less government and more freedom

Citizens Against Government Waste
Promotes eliminating waste in the federal government

Cypercast News Service
Balanced daily news

Vote Smart
Check voting records and positions of your elected reps.

Government Documents

The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

New Jersey Legislature

Understanding the Legislative Process - New Jersey

How Committees Work Within The Legislative Process - New Jersey

Patriotic Quotes & Misc.
Wisdom of our Founding Fathers

Wisdom of our Founding Fathers II
 Declaration of Grievances

Our Past Events

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