Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Fiscal Responsibility  •  Limited Government  •  Free Markets

We the Morris County Tea Party, a public citizens' group, are dedicated to supporting the US Constitution and public policy that adheres to the principles of personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government and free markets.

Insofar as all Americans must live within their financial means, so must our government.  Furthermore, through our outreach and rallies, we will show people they are not alone in their frustrations about the bad policies coming from Washington and Trenton.

Our goal is a united voice.  We the people call for real, honest and ethical government for the good of our children, our families, our community and our country. Liberty and Freedom for all.

About Us

The Morris County Tea Party is a NJ Non-profit Corporation.  It is our goal, with this statement, to clarify who we are and where we came from.

On April 15, 2009, hundreds of thousands of citizens gathered in more than 800 cities to voice their opposition to out of control spending at all levels of government.  Organized in all 50 states by Americans from all walks of life, these "tea parties" were a true grassroots protest of the irresponsible fiscal policies and intrusive government. 

The Morris County Tea Party went through a re-organization and proceeded to sponsor more tea parties on The Green.  Since April 15, 2009 six more rallies have been held in Morristown with a combined attendance of approximately 16,200 people.

We are “The Morris County Tea Party, A NJ Non – profit Corporation”.  We have a formal structure and held an “Initial Member” vote on June 4, 2009. Our first elected Board of Trustees organized itself on June 7, 2009.  We will continue promoting the organization’s primary goals of citizen education, and promotion of our mission as set forth in our Mission Statement.

In December 2012 we changed our name to The Morris County Tea Party.
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